Mango Tofu Smoothie

A velvety drink that blends fruits and tofu into one satisfying and healthy smoothie that’s perfect on a hot summer day.

Apple and Hazelnut Bircher Muesli

Oats, bran, and apple are all low-GI foods, meaning this is a great way to fuel your body through a busy morning. The flaxseed adds a boost of non-fish omega-3 oils, as well as valuable fiber.

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

When I’m hosting a group brunch, I nearly always serve a breakfast casserole with eggs, bread, cheese, and a variety of meats or vegetables. It’s filling, foolproof, and always a crowd-pleaser. You can customize the ingredients any way you like—experiment with different sausages, change up the veggies, whatever tickles your fancy. Your guests will be clamoring for the recipe.

Green Slush

For an icy snack, whirl up this mix of fruits and white grape juice. Using the ripest fruit gives the sweetest flavor. For honeydew melon, this means taking the paler, juicier part near the center of the melon rather than the green flesh closer to the rind. The banana should be especially ripe.

Egg & Toast Best Breakfast

My eggs on toast recipe is great because it’s one of those simple pleasures that doesn’t take a lot of work to make, but it always tastes like such a special treat. I love lathering on the ketchup just as much as I did when I was 8!