As the sun blazes high in the sky and school’s out for the season, the initial excitement of summer break can quickly wane, leaving children and parents alike in search of new adventures and activities to keep boredom at bay. Fret not, for our carefully curated roundup features an array of thrilling and innovative toys that promise to infuse the long, lazy days with boundless excitement, creativity, and endless hours of laughter.

OOLY Faves Bonus Box

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WHY? The Human Body: 99+ Awesome Answers for Curious Kids from NatGeo Kids

WHY? The Human Body: 99+ Awesome Answers for Curious Kids is packed with insights from experts in anatomy, physiology, genetics, epidemiology, and brain science, this book raises lots of intriguing body-related questions that kids may have been wondering about and delivers straightforward answers that moms and dads can trust (and just might have been wondering about too!).

Newton’s Apple: Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot

An apple that defies gravity and walks a tightrope — what would Isaac Newton have thought? Build a cute apple robot that walks along a tightrope. How? Thanks to the robot’s main component, a motorized gyroscope, it can maintain its balance and perform this fun trick without falling over. Through five experiments, you can discover the astonishing powers of the motorized gyroscope and explore the physics behind its amazing behaviors. Experiment with getting the gyrobot to walk on the different included tracks and on a string, investigate the gyrobot’s center of gravity, play a ring-toss game, and watch the gyrobot spin on a flat surface.

Puzzle by Number Map from Plus Plus

Build your way across the country with the Puzzle By Number Map of the United States! Follow the enclosed pattern by placing each color on its matching number to create all 50 states. Flip the poster over to discover over 700 interesting state facts— flags, mottos, state capitals, and more. Then, display your map on the wall at home or in the classroom – no glue or ironing required!

B3 Riftball Paddle Ball Game System

Riftball is a unique game that has a specially design adjustable dual net game system for twice the fun. This portable, outside or inside game sets up fast at the beach, in the backyard, for tailgating, while camping, basement or any place to have some fun. It’s game play is designed for 8+: B3 RIftball Dual Net Paddle Ball game combines interactive fun that will brings friends, neighbors and families together with its awesome game play.

Travel, September 2015
Travel, September 2015

Get your tickets now for the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s ninth annual Garden Railways Tour on Sunday, October 4, 2015. This year’s event is an exclusive, self-guided tour of six private garden railways featuring displays of operating model trains set amid outdoor landscapes. rrmuseumpa.orgAustin Adventures is happy to announce that the popular new trend in travel is the ultra high end, over the top customized trip for multigenerational families. Past over the top Austin Adventures vacations have included a Hawaiian Luau, a champagne brunch at the top of Waimea Falls, and birthday party helicopter rides. austinadventures.comPlanning a fall getaway but not sure what to do with your favorite four-legged friends? No worries, because now there are extra special hotels in Connecticut, Vermont and Virginia that welcome your canines with a wide variety of dog friendly rooms, suites and cottages! ontheriverwoodstock.comWith holiday travel season coming up it is important to make sure to pack all the essentials to keep kids calm and holiday party ready. To keep even the messiest kids on the go clean, Dreft created the Pre-Treater Pen, small enough to be allowed in a carry on but tough enough to be used on tough stains from mushed baby carrots Read more

Mother’s Day Gifts For The Best Mom On Earth

Sukk Straws Give mom her own personal, reusable, portable stainless steel drinking straw set that is food grade with a BPA-free silicone tip that come in a Vegan Leather carry case. Sukk Straws are oxidation-free, dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable, retractable and extendable from 2.5 inches all the way to 8.5 inches, whatever the size of your glass. They also come with a handy cleaning brush. Choose from sets in a variety of colors. Elixir Oud Mileo Inspired by ingredients indigenous to places around the world, the vibrant Mileo New York Collection restores skin’s health with precious and rare anti-aging Oud. Enriched with regenerating Corsican Golden immortelle flowers, this resilient oil speeds skin’s natural recovery process in just a few drops. SNOOZ Sleep is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, and most of us are not getting enough of it. Unlike other white noise machines out there, SNOOZ uses a real fan inside, so you don't need to worry if it is going to sound real, because it is real. The proprietary mechanical fan that spins inside SNOOZ’s optimized acoustic enclosure generates a peaceful fan sound that is commonly referred to as “white noise.” It is actually “pink Read more

Make A Plan To Protect Your Child From The Sun

A day at the beach with the kids offers good summer fun. Just remember that overexposure to the sun can increase a child’s chances of skin cancer.

Easy Escapes: Where Tri-State Families Are Headed This Summer

Here are several great getaways that are easily accessible from the tri-state area to explore this summer.