Summer days mean showing more leg. To ensure your stems are looking the best they can, heed the following shaving pointers.

  1. Have shaving be the last thing done in the shower. The steam opens up the pores, which allows for a closer shave.
  2. Rinse the blade after each stroke.
  3. Try exfoliating the skin before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs.
  4. Avoid using disposable razors. The blades are often dull and do not pivot, making it is easy to nick your knees and ankles.
  5. Mix shaving cream with a shower gel for a thicker layer.
  6. Do not moisturize right after shaving because it could irritate the skin.
  7. Change the blade every five to seven uses.
  8. Never shave right before heading to the beach. The salt water and sunscreen can irritate legs.
Turning Back The Clock With Skincare
Turning Back The Clock With Skincare

An energetic mother of four, I established Beauty Society in 2004 with the simple concept of providing the highest quality anti-aging skincare products at prices that all women could afford.

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