Busy moms can use all of the help they can get, especially in the world of beautifying themselves. Since moms spend much of their time caring for others, they tend to put themselves on the back burner. This selflessness is even truer during the holiday season, when moms cater to various house guests, friends, family members and children, while hurrying to fit in every cocktail party and holiday event in between the carpooling, soccer games and dance classes.

Fortunately, busy moms, you can look fabulous while you are entertaining. With the help of my beauty tips, looks don’t have to be compromised!

For starters, while you are out holiday shopping, stop at your favorite makeup counter and buy a new berry-colored blush and lip gloss. This is called pre-makeup. It’s sort of like the pre-game for football— time to get ready. Also buy something shimmery, such as a highlighter, glistening bronzer or a sparkly eye shadow. A makeup accent that goes on gold, silver or glittery does the trick.

While you’re at it, treat yourself to a fresh tube of mascara. Then stop at the drugstore to get OPI or Essie polish in red or orange— something bright for the holidays. Doing these few things helps women enter the holiday season the right way: with festive, celebratory makeup.

One of the biggest beauty blunders women make this time of year is thinking their daily muted earth tones work for holiday makeup. They don’t. Such drab and boring makeup merely makes you look and feel tired. Instead, to prepare for the holiday mood, add a color brighter than what you normally wear. And use shimmer to allow your look to pop.

Think you won’t have time to apply your new makeup? Busy ladies, here are the essential steps to put your best face forward in record time. Keep reading for a makeup application you can achieve in less than three minutes (or, if you have some extra time and want to get glam, makeup in six minutes).

To wrap it up, here are a few quick pointers to stay spruced up no matter what unfolds during the holidays. When entertaining at home, put lip gloss and blush in a small makeup bag and hide it somewhere in your kitchen. This way, even when you’re entertaining, nibbling on hors d’oeuvres and sipping wine while catering to guests, you’ll have your resources close by for freshening up. When no one is looking, quietly reapply.

Another idea is to make an essential makeup bag just for holiday nights. Keeping your everyday beauty items separate, put berry colored blush, red lipstick or berry glosses in the seasonal bag, along with anything shimmery. Then, the next time you’re sitting in the carpool line waiting to pick up your kids, you’re able to transform your day mommy makeup into your glamorous holiday look in about five minutes. Enjoy looking and feeling your best.

Makeup 1, 2, 3

Get it together in less than three minutes.

Step 1: Apply a pretty colored lip gloss.
Step 2: Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
Step 3: Apply blush. Choose a gel, cream or powder
formula and be sure you have a good blush brush.

Makeup 4, 5, 6

Get it together in less than six minutes.

Step 1: Apply foundation and blend well.
Step 2: Apply concealer, if you need it.
Step 3: Apply blush, bronzer and/or a highlighter. Add color to your cheekbones.
Step 4: Apply eyeliner. Use an eyeliner with an attached smudge brush for making a smoky line. Apply liner on top and a little bit underneath the eye, too.
Step 5: Apply lots of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
Step 6: Apply a pretty colored lip gloss.

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