After a long evening of fun and candy eating, kids are wired. Their cortisol levels are up sky high, requiring outside factors to help their body start the wind down process for sleep.

Instead of crashing in front of the TV, one thing they can do is wind down by listening to sleep stories. A favorite, Moshi Twilight for kids, is highly beneficial.

If a child is amped up after watching a scary part of a movie, tell them to just imagine that when the scene is done, the director says “CUT” and the goblins, witches, or whomever all stroll to the snack bar and start chatting and eating chips. It lets them know that it is make believe and is done for fun. You can even use YouTube to show the child what the backstage of the movie set looks like with those actors and characters.

Halloween is all in the head and plays with emotions. The adrenaline rush of the fear is what people gravitate to. For kids, especially sensitive ones, what can work well is to have them recreate a scary image into a funny one. For example, they can visualize a scary monster now dressed in maybe a hot pink tutu, a glittery bow and bright pink nails who now dances lightly all around.

Plan for an early bedtime the next day.

Wind down the body with a story in the background. Hearing soothing sounds will help their minds wind down.

Talk about the experience when bedtime is approaching.

Dim the lights in the room.

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