Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. It’s time to put together a list of potential presents for the mom in your life. Instead of traditional gifts such as candy and flowers, consider eco-friendly gifts that are functional, practical, and one-of-a-kind. From recycled items to all-natural beauty products, you can find something to please every type of mom. What’s better than giving a green gift?

A Different Kind of Flower Arrangement

Many moms have an entire collection of mismatched vases collecting dust under the sink or in a forgotten cupboard. After all those flower deliveries from 1-800-FLOWERS, most mothers have a plethora of pieces that they never use. Why not gift her with flowers in a new set of matching vases?

Search for a set of blown glass vases made out of recycled glass. From items that resemble old-fashioned medicine bottles to gorgeous Mason jars, they make attractive additions to the dining room table or a bric-a-brac shelf. Instead of the dime-a-dozen vases that everyone has, mom will have a new set that does something positive for the environment. Check out big-box retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, or head to Etsy. As you give mom her gift, remind her that the kiddos won’t be able to break them. Three cheers for recycled glass!

Amazing All-Natural Skincare

It can be hard for moms to find time for skincare. More to the point, it’s challenging to find skincare that isn’t full of chemicals and other abrasive ingredients. Put together a gift bag or basket full of organic skincare that moisturizes skin while making it healthier from within. Include hand lotion, facial moisturizer, and lip balm, along with a few unexpected choices. For example, new mothers might appreciate an all-natural cream for stretch marks. Nursing balm is a fab gift for mothers who breastfeed. Every mom could use an organic body wash that promises to wake up the skin and the senses. Check out a shop like Hatched Boutique for a bevy of organic beauty products, including sunscreen and makeup.

Recycled Relaxation

Mothers need me-time. Self-care is essential for everybody, and moms need to take care of themselves so that they can continue caring for all of their loved ones. Doing yoga is a fantastic, healthy way to focus on the self and relieve stress.

A yoga mat is a perfect gift for mothers who do yoga or who express an interest in it. Give the present an eco-friendly slant by choosing a yoga mat made from recycled materials, such as old wetsuits. You can also consider yoga mats made of organic materials, including hemp, cork, and vegetable fiber. Search on Etsy or stores like Amazon and Uncommon Goods.

A Perfectly Imperfect Subscription Box

Eating organic is expensive, but it’s a healthy choice. Help mom every week with a subscription to Imperfect Produce. The price depends on the size of the box but ranges between $15 and $43. What’s in the box? Ugly but delicious fruits and vegetables.

Too much produce fails to make it to the grocery stores because it’s not “pretty” although it tastes the same. Imperfect Produce aims to reduce the waste created by the consumer need for flawless fruits and vegetables. Enjoying seasonal produce on a weekly basis is the gift that keeps on giving.

A New Signature Scent

Perfume is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but there’s nothing green or environmentally friendly about most traditional fragrances. Give mom a fresh new scent composed of all-natural ingredients and no chemicals. Companies such as A Perfume Organic don’t believe in animal testing. Instead, they focus on creating fragrances without pesticides, alcohol, dyes, synthetic chemicals, solvents, and petrochemicals. Just do a little digging to figure out her favorite scents first.

It’s the biggest day of the year for romance. There’s nothing more romantic than giving the green mom in your life an eco-friendly gift that she’ll genuinely enjoy. Which eco-friendly gift do you think she wants for Valentine’s Day?

Watermelon Marshmallow Puffs with Chocolate Dust

Great for a Princess Party or on Valentine's Day.