Want to enhance your look, but don’t know how to go about it? Try one or more of the following makeup tips to get great results.

  • To add more depth to and brighten up eyes, purchase white eyeliner, which can be applied to lash lines. Blend in with a smudge brush. Don’t cake on the eyeliner. Just line the eyes enough to give your peepers a wider look and glow.
  • As an added step to the one above, lightly brush your lower lashes with mascara to complement the light liner.
  • A great trick to keep eye shadow long lasting is to thoroughly wet your eye shadow brush. This creates a wet or creamy effect and lasts a lot longer than the powder alone.
  • For the perfect fluttering lashes, curl them as close to the root as possible. Jiggle the wand from the root to the middle of the lashes. Repeat two times, waiting a few seconds in between applications to let each layer dry. For the third layer, jiggle the wand all the way to the tip of the lashes. To reach small and stray lashes, turn the brush vertically and apply.
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