To become a budget shopper, first decide how much you want or can spend, and try hard not to exceed that amount. Next determine what item or ensemble you are shopping for. Whether you are shopping for sneakers, jeans or a new dress and matching accessories, knowing what you want or need avoids aimless browsing, which leads to pointless spending.

Depending on your budget, consider where you can get the best bang for your buck. Great options include clearance sales at local boutiques and department stores. Shopping off season is also a great way to find unbeatable deals.

If you need something for immediate wear, check out the back of the store— where sales racks often hide. Designer discount stores, such as Century 21, Loehmann’s, Filene’s Basement, Annie Sez and TJ Maxx, are other great options. At these and related locales, most apparel and accessories are sold at 50-70 percent off their original retail price. Lastly, roam the Web. Check out the sites listed below; they have out-of-this-world deals and often offer free shipping.

Budget Shopping Sites:

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