Anyone can shop consignment; but to be great at it, make your friends swoon with jealousy and save big bucks, all you need are some tips and a little patience. Here are seven pointers that will help you become a world-class bargain shopper.

Know your price range before shopping.

Consignment shops differ in price ranges, and knowing your budget before picking a store helps a great deal. If you are looking to spend between $10 and $20, you should look at going to a lower-end resale store. If cost is no issue, then seek out high-end shops.

Only shop at reputable resale stores.

Many resale stores sell fakes and may not even know it. Make sure the store has a 100 percent Authenticity Guarantee. Items should be thoroughly evaluated by the store or by a representative at the respective designer house whose name appears on the item itself.

Don’t be in a rush.

Consignment stores have tons of merchandise at great discounts; take your time looking. Unlike a department store, there are usually very few of each item; therefore, really examine each rack.

Never go by the label size on the item.

Designers size their items differently; try on selections before buying. As for online retailers, the store should list exact measurements, including waist and chest measurements. You should also be aware of their return policy.

Only buy items in like-new condition.

You should only shop at stores that sell excellent-condition items and that review the condition of the item before purchasing it. Never accept items that have holes or stains, or that are tarnished in any way.

Sign up on a store’s guest book and personal shopper list.

They will call you whenever your listed item comes in, or for upcoming specials and sales.

Make friends with the sales people, and stop into the store once a week.

New items come in daily, and often times items don’t even make it onto the rack.

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