Get set for a successful school year by proactively equipping your family with essential back-to-school products. From empowering menstrual care by Here We Flo to smartly tracking everyday items with Tile, focusing on homework with Extra Gum, and boosting students’ immune systems with Standard Process, we’ve handpicked a range of must-have items to ensure a seamless transition into the academic year.

Here We Flo

Prepare your kids for unexpected situations during the school day by including period products in their backpack, even if they haven’t experienced their first period. Here We Flo, a revolutionary company in the period, bladder, and sexual wellness markets, offers the FLO line, providing exceptional organic tampons discreetly packaged in a cute ice cream container. Their products aim to empower and uplift, embracing messy moments with joy. Available at Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon, Here We Flo makes it easy to ensure your children are confident and prepared.


TILE provides Bluetooth tracker devices perfect for school kids to conveniently keep track of their essentials. The Tile Pro and Tile Slim (starting at $34.99) can be attached to backpacks or slid into lunch boxes or key card holders, while the Tile Mate (starting at $24.99) is ideal for clipping onto water bottles or keychains. Additionally, Tile Stickers (starting at $29.99) offer a versatile option for tracking items like ID badges, laptops, bikes, textbooks, headphones, and more!


Amidst the back-to-school shopping rush, gum often gets overlooked but should be included in the list. Studies suggest chewing gum can aid in maintaining focus and attention, making it a valuable tool for students. Around 69% of high school students utilize gum to enhance focus, particularly during homework, studying, and in-class sessions. Popular flavors include Spearmint, Peppermint, Classic Bubble, Polar Ice, and Sweet Watermelon, with a limited-time option of Pink Lemonade!

SP Children’s™ Immune

As families prepare for the school year, Standard Process® provides essential support through products like SP Children’s™ Immune, a chewable supplement packed with vital nutrients for kids aged 4 and up. Given the importance of a robust immune system in children, incorporating an immune supplement can bolster their defenses and aid in keeping them healthy as they navigate the school environment. With a strong focus on safety and quality, Standard Process® ensures every product meets rigorous standards regulated by the FDA, making it a trusted choice for a healthy household.

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