Egg Beaters Frittata

Egg Beaters Frittata

Course: Breakfast, Recipes, Vegetarian

This recipe includes a mixture of Egg Beaters and skim milk, along with shredded carrots and crushed baked corn tortilla chips. Additional veggies can be added if desired, and optional seasoning such as onion and garlic powder can be included for flavor.


  • ¼ cup Egg Beaters

  • 2 Tbsp. skim milk

  • 1 handful shredded carrots (feel free to add other veggies)

  • 1 handful crushed baked corn tortilla chips

  • Onion and garlic powder (optional)


  • Combine all ingredients and pour into muffin pan holes greased with spray vegetable or olive oil. Fill the holes halfway and bake at 425 ° for 10-15 minutes, until fluffy.
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