Opening any type of registry can be an arduous task. Read on for some excellent direction.

  1. Join a registry at the appropriate time. It is okay to register anytime after the first trimester of your pregnancy. But for those of you that can’t wait, go ahead and open up a registry, but keep it private or a secret until then.
  2. Choose items from all your favorite stores. You may find the perfect crib at one store and the cutest onesies from another, which is fine. You do not need to compromise. At, you can add everything that you really want on to your gift registry regardless of how many stores the items come from.
  3. Fill your registry with gifts in a variety of price ranges. Don’t be afraid to register for a few expensive items (people can always combine funds to purchase larger gifts). Just be sure to choose a number of wallet-friendly gifts, too. Do not make assumptions on other people’s budgets, and let them spend what they are comfortable spending.
  4. Open up an in-store registry and sync it to your online registry. This is helpful to your non Web-savvy friends or family members.
  5. Register even if you are expecting your second or third child. In fact, it is almost more important to do so because friends and family do not know what you need, and you do not want them to guess. If you really don’t need any baby gear, choose some nontraditional items like pre-natal massage certificates and baby keepsakes.
  6. Feel free to register for cash gifts or services. Whether it’s starting your baby’s college fund or creating a nursery furniture fund, cash gifts are no longer taboo on a gift registry (as long as you let people know that they are contributing to something meaningful).
  7. Ignore convention. Instead choose items that reflect your personal taste. After all, you’re the one that has to use that stroller and diaper bag on a daily basis.
  8. Get the word out about your registry. Use tools such as Facebook, eCards or traditional invitation inserts to let friends and family know how to find your registry.
  9. Continue to update your registry even after your baby is born. Baby gifts will continue to come throughout the first year. Keep your registry updated with your baby’s latest needs as they will change rapidly over that time.
  10. Understand a gift registry is not only for a wedding or a baby shower. Gift registries and wish lists are much more common these days for birthdays and holidays. If you loved getting the right gifts for your baby shower, just think how fabulous it will be to use it for Christmas and baby’s first birthday.
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