I want to live my life through the lens of a toddler. The world is an exciting place filled with wonder, love, joy and exploration. Issues are short lived and the worst fight of the day might be over sharing a toy. As that child’s teacher, I am entrusted with an incredible responsibility to preserve that view of schooling.

From the moment I decided to work with children, I knew it would be in the world of early childhood. There is something special and magical about watching a child succeed at a task for the first time, master a new level of independence, or simply appreciate the wonders of life.

As a teacher, I believe in the importance of an education for all children, and I also believe that it starts at the beginning. Working with young children is one of the most important jobs I can imagine. As the person responsible for their first experience with separation and learning outside of the home, I have the ability to make or break the meaning of school for each child with whom I work.

In order to create a foundation that will sustain learning, excitement and wonder, children must form strong bonds and experience success in preschool. While that success might look different for each child who enters the classroom, every one of them is able to succeed. With a background in inclusive education, I believe in the power of schooling for ALL children.