We’re living in a world where everyone is looking for a leader –- from politics to any sports team. The funny part is that most of us want to be leaders, to rule over even a small group of people. But the naked truth is that most of the ones who desire to be leaders aren’t prepared to be one, at least not to be a good one.

You see, we all develop certain personality traits during our time on earth, but the ones which represent us the most are the oldest ones which we gain when we were just kids.

That’s why the education that a child receives from his parents is extremely important and parents should be extremely cautious as they are the child’s first leader at who they should always look up to (but only if they set a good example).

As parents, it’s normal to desire only the best for our kids, so is nothing wrong to want your kid to be a great leader someday. But if you truly want your child to be a great leader you need to help him develop some certain leadership skills while he’s growing up.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s, post –- insanely simple tricks to find and develop your child’s leadership voice.

Be a Great Example

There’s no easier way to find and develop your child’s leadership voice than setting a great leadership example. You are his parent –- the only person that he trusts more than he trusts himself, the person he looks up to, his superhero.

Most kids truly believe that their parents are the best and they act like their parents in society. Your word is the ultimate truth for them. Anything you say it’s important he will believe and the way you act he will try to mimic – kids are literary like monkeys until the adolescence kicks in.

Therefore, if you want your kid to find his leadership voice, all you have to do is to become everything you wish your child to become. Simple as that.

Brill Assignment experts said that the easiest way to explain the way a child thinks, speaks, and behaves, is to look at his parents and everything will make sense.

Allow Access to Information

Parents, in general, avoid telling the truth to their kids in matters such as how they were born or what a divorce is. But many parents don’t just avoid, they lie and imagine how a child’s heart breaks a little when they found out that the person he trusts the most lied to them, no matter if your intentions were good.

Great leaders don’t lie to their team, so you shouldn’t lie to your kid. Allow him to know the truth, just make it sound prettier because they have an innocent version of the word and that’s the beauty of being only a child.

Let Your Authority be questioned

Oh, even now I can hear my mom screaming “because I say so” every time she tried to prove a point or stop me from doing what I want. The truth is that many parents don’t like to have their authority questioned, especially from a child, especially from their child.

According to Bestessays.com.au, there’s this one important thing about authority, that everyone should know – it should be earned and driven by power and not imposed by force or fear.

Therefore, in order to become a great leader, your child must learn to question everything and not to obey someone just because of their status. Of course, diplomacy should be learned in this situation too.

The point is, that you should allow your kid question you and search for the truth on his own, of course, he may discover the same thing, but the goal is to know that he can find the truth on his own and that no matter how wise you are, you can always be wrong too.

Encourage Team Activities

I believe that there are no more obvious tips that this one – encouraging your child to participate in team activities.

The best way to do it is to encourage your kid to practice a team sport that he likes, forcing him to do a sport that he doesn’t like won’t do any good.

There he will learn that only if everyone from the team is doing his job well they can succeed, and, eventually, he’ll figure out that the same way happens in real life too.

You should bring to his attention that to be the leader or captain of the team is a great responsibility because being a leader doesn’t mean only to be the most in what you’re doing.

It means to encourage and help everyone, to remember them that they are the best, to make sure that their spirit is in the right place, and to be ready to take one for the team.

Encourage Negotiation and Decision Making

Great leaders are good negotiators and know how to tell a great decision from a bad one. These are great leadership traits which you can easily implement in your child’s life.

For instance, if your child really desires an expensive toy, negotiate with him in terms of how many times he has to take the trash or other chores.

The experts from Australian Writings consider that parents should let kids have free will and make their own decisions.

As parents, is our job to keep them safe, so all you have to do is stand by his side while he is making that decision – not telling his that he is forbidden to do it so you can rest assured that he is safe.

Teach Your Kid to Accept Losses

Great leaders know how to take a fall, and most importantly, they know that a fall is a great opportunity to learn something. This life we lose more often than we win, and this is great actually because when we lose we learn more thing than when we win.

Some parents make their child believe that the goal is to succeed from the first shoot. That’s a great goal, but you should also let them know that until then, they will fail a lot. And that’s ok, that’s normal, that’s life, and a loss isn’t really a loss.

Enroll in Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great opportunity for your child practice all you thought him about leadership at home and find his leadership voice. There will be numerous team activities he will participate in, and at a certain age, he can even be a camp counselor and lead the kids from the summer camp (leading a large group of kids).


More times rather than not, kids grow up to be the updated version of his parents and looks have the least to do about this.

As well, a kid usually behaves in society conform to his parent’s behavior at home. So, if you want your child to act like a born leader in society, you should first set an excellent example for him to follow, because a kid will never admire someone the way he admires his parents.

Therefore, you must be a great leader in the first place and then expect your child to become a good or better one. That and the rest tips mentioned above should provide some great leadership traits in your child’s life.

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