When it is time for your child to make the big leap from a crib to a big boy/girl bed, it does not have to be a traumatic experience, for the parents! With changing times and lifestyles, children’s furniture is changing, too. There are more colors and choices than ever before with added amenities such as built-in outlets to charge tablets and phones, to built-in nightlights. Kids furniture is becoming high-tech like the kids of today are, and can just as stylish and sophisticated as those made for adults. Before you walk into the store, do your homework! Here are some great tips for buying the right furniture for your child’s bedroom.

Bring your room dimensions.

We all know the old saying measure twice and cut once, well in furniture its measure twice and buy once. Also, if pictures are available of the room, bring them in to help your sales associate understand your needs.

Know your budget.  

A good understanding of how much you want to spend is always important and don’t forget to add a new mattress, based on their ages, children have different needs

Know your color scheme.

Bring with you your paint sample or your child’s favorite pillow that you want to match.

Allow time for delivery.

Get what you need and want, and don’t be afraid to order furniture the proper way. In the end, you will have the exact color, look, and fit you want.

Prioritize which pieces you want and need.

Decide on the now, but plan for the future.  Children’s furniture is available as a twin or full bed, bunk beds and space saving loft beds. Think if the furniture will be a transition bedroom, or have to last throughout their school years. Decide what is needed in ways of storage and if there is space to add in an extra nightstand or a desk and a hutch. You always have the option for a trundle or storage. Pieces can also be added later as the child grows.

Ask about a protection plan.

Protect your purchase and let kids be kids.

Bring your child to the store to let him or her have some input.

Your child’s bedroom will be more than just a place to sleep and do homework. It is the first place they begin to grow as individuals, sparking their own personal tastes and personalities based on how they decorate and make it their own. Give them a good starting place and everyone will be happy.

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