Creating a nursery for a new baby can be a fun and exciting project for parents. Today’s do-it-yourself tools and resources for choosing colors and furnishings make it easy to create a beautiful room for your baby’s newborn stage and beyond.

Below, check out the colorful ideas that reflect the latest trends in children’s rooms.

Be adventurous with color

Painting with a fresh, new color is one of the easiest ways to transform any room. While pinks and blues are still popular, many parents are using more adventurous color combinations for walls and furnishings. For example, pair pink with elements in chocolate brown, black, mint or gray to create an unexpected color palette. The same goes for blue: Pair it with charcoal gray, soft greens, pale yellows, or natural beige tones to add sophistication and charm to a nursery.

Avoid overly saturated primary colors like orange or red, as they can be overwhelming to a newborn baby. The best place to use these colors is in a playroom for stimulation. Whatever colors you choose, be sure to use a paint that will hold up over time and is easy to maintain. Sherwin-Williams Harmony Interior Paint, for instance, is a high-quality paint to use because of its washable finish and promotion of better indoor air quality by VOC elimination.

Neutral colors for gender-neutral rooms

Think beyond traditional yellows and greens. Consider a neutral color like gray for walls, paired with crisp, white Photo Credit Kathryn Henglein furniture and accent pieces in other gender-neutral colors. Natural materials and colors like soft wool and linen tones work wonderfully in a nursery. Aqua is another great color that bridges the gap between boy and girl bedrooms with the added benefit of being a tranquil and soothing color, perfect for a peaceful slumber.

Have fun with furniture

Choosing furniture presents a great chance to save money in your nursery budget while adding character to your space. Find a gently used chest of drawers or nightstand, and paint it in a beautiful new color to create the perfect vintage piece for a nursery. Decorative items such as lampshades can also be painted with a whimsical design, adding a fun pop of color and pattern to a room. Look for vintage items on sites such as eBay, Craigslist and Etsy. Avoid overly expensive decorative items, which will not only help your budget, but also make it easier to change them out when you are ready for a new look.

One piece you do want to invest in is a new crib, as the bed style is important in terms of safety, reliability, quality, and comfort. A convertible crib that can change into a full-size bed can also be a smart investment, so it can grow with the child.

Create a room that grows with the child

With a little planning, a nursery design can last until a child is 4 or 5. You may want to update décor pieces as your child grows, but the colors can stay the same. For instance, when the child gets too big for the crib, simply update the bedding to be more toddler friendly.

Another way to design a room that lasts is to avoid making it too babyish in the beginning. Add sophisticated touches when you’re creating the new room. Instead of painting a storybook mural, opt for horizontal or vertical stripes that can be a transitional element as the child grows. Use natural materials, such as baskets for toys instead of a big red bucket, so you can add longevity to the room or eventually repurpose it as an adult space.

The Sherwin-Williams Kids’ Collection allows families to personalize a bedroom to reflect their child’s current age and personality, yet still have the flexibility to adapt the space as the child grows. The colors in the collection complement a variety of designs to create fun, age-appropriate rooms that can be easily updated with new design themes over time.

Get inspired and visualize your design

Sites such as Pinterest and Houzz can inspire you for the planning of your nursery. They offer content geared toward specific rooms in the home. In addition, there are several easy-to-use tools available that can help you visualize the new space. With Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer at, you simply upload a photo of your room or choose an existing image, then drag and drop a color to virtually paint the scene. The tool offers an easy way to “try on” paint colors for a space.

With these easy, D.I.Y. tips and tools, along with a little imagination, you can create a beautiful nursery you’ll love for the beautiful baby you’ll love.

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