As kids return to school, it’s important to keep them well rested and healthy. Check out the following tips to conquer this feat.

  • Don’t let kids skip breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day as it gets their brains and bodies going. Plus, it prevents overeating later on.
  • Pack a balanced lunch. Include whole grains, think whole wheat bread, lean proteins, such as chicken, turkey, yogurt or low-fat cheese, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Give kids a healthy but delicious snack for afterschool activities. Great options include fruits, vegetables, low-fat cheeses, hummus, yogurts or nuts. Nutritious fare satisfies kids and keeps cravings for junk at bay.
  • Encourage active play. Whether they are inside or outside, keep kids moving! Have them participate in school sports, take them for walks or ride bikes together.
  • Hydrate routinely. Ensure youngsters have water on hand to prevent dehydration and keep their bodies refreshed and properly balanced. Drinking enough water also abates urges to overeat.
  • Provide children with a daily multivitamin. This is a great insurance policy to fill in any nutritional gaps.
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