Gadgets and Gizmos Galore

Here’s a practical present to prepare a gadget aficionado for all the technical gifts he or she is apt to receive this holiday season. The 4-Pod Faux Leather Charging Station is a dock that charges up to four electronic devices at once. Now your tech-obsessed friend can charge an iPod, BlackBerry, cell phone and camera simultaneously, then grab them all before leaving the house. The station is a surefire way to remember one’s devices, helping the weary parent to the person on the go. And the station’s open back allows users to store electronic accessories together. There is even space for keys, coins and keepsakes. Find the 4-Pod Faux Leather Charging Station at

Sweet Treats

Treat the chocolate fanatic in your life to a taste of heaven. The Godiva Ultimate Chocolate Collection features the best in show from the sweet treats purveyor. The luxurious collection includes 20 truffles, 36 chocolates and 23 biscuits. To find this delectable assortment and other Godiva gift sets, visit or Godiva boutiques nationwide.

Picture Perfect

Have you given Grandma too many photos of your children to choose just one to frame? Nextar’s new Castle and Carriage digital frames offer an easy solution that’s an entertaining gift. The vivid 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen, framed by either a castle or pumpkin carriage, is perfect for displaying the prince or princess in your family. The memory slot is compatible with a multitude of memory cards. Both frames offer a variety of display features, and are available online at and in select K-mart stores.

Goldilocks Syndrome

Finding a comfortable temperature in the office or at home can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially for your hard-to-please relative, the heat gets too hot and the air conditioning too cold. The Herman Miller C2 Climate Control fits on most furniture pieces and is a cinch to manage to attain optimum comfort, no matter what the temperature is outside. An added bonus, it intercepts allergenic particles in the air. Get the C2 Climate Control at

Paying it Forward

Support a good cause when doing your holiday shopping. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Art Project provides stationery, note cards, ornaments, mugs and other stocking stuffers and fun presents. When you purchase a Children’s Art Project item, you help young artists and their families fight cancer. Give a gift that keeps on giving by visiting

Customized Creations

SarahBear Cards and Creations by Sarah Barrett offers handcrafted Star Books, which are small photo albums that serve as fabulous customized presents. Each book holds up to 12 pictures and can stand or lay flat on a coffee table. Request colors, cover words, designs and much more, making each album special for its recipient. Visit for further details.

Kitchen Helpers

Know someone who relies on a dose of caffeine every morning— or evening? Simple to operate, the Nespresso Essenza Espresso Machine features a high-pressure pump and “thermobloc” heating element. It dually offers a sleek design. Married to someone who loves to grill all year? Now your spouse doesn’t have to brave the harsh weather. The Breville Die-Cast Indoor BBQ and Grill brings the great taste of grilling inside. Composed of pressed stainless steel and a top-grade nonstick surface, the closed grill converts into an open BBQ grill in a pinch. Have a friend who hates to see a good bottle of wine go to waste? The Blomus Cerra Plastic Wine Vacuum removes air and slows the oxidation process, thus preserving the taste of wine. Included with the vacuum are matching stainless steel stoppers, enabling the recipient to relish an open bottle for a little longer. All of these appliances can be found at

Easy Listening

Though not the best news for bikers, boaters and campers who prefer quiet, Cy•Fi, the world’s first wireless sports speaker, has hit the market. This lightweight and portable speaker is available in two platforms: one that supports the iPod classic version and the iPod nano, and another that supports Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. Purchase this present to allow your physical counterpart to enjoy up to six hours of battery life and clear sound. The user has the ability to change the volume, and enjoy track and playlist settings right from the speaker. Encourage a loved one to sport Cy•Fi by visiting

Life is a Highway

Tell your favorite world traveler to toss the old maps in the glove compartment when you purchase a TomTom ONE 130•S GPS system. TomTom mounts on the windshield or dashboard, and comes with a car charger and USB cable for charging items and connecting to computers. Three-dimensional graphics are displayed on a clear screen while directions are spoken turn-by-turn, street-by-street. Any driver definitely appreciates the fuel price finder and TomTom’s up-to-date maps while going the distance throughout the United States and Canada. Even more impressive, TomTom’s safety feature can access local emergency providers in times of trouble. To find out all that TomTom ONE 130•S has to offer, visit

Flash Happy

Nikon has unleashed a sleek line of digital cameras for shutterbugs who love capturing candid moments. The COOLPIX S600, S550, and S210 are stylish, compact and available in an assortment of colors. Each digital camera has its own features, such as varying degrees of megapixel resolution, zoom, vibration reduction and more. For serious photography enthusiasts, the ultra portable COOLPIX P80 and Nikon D60 D-SLR provide high-quality picture taking in any setting. Find these styles and compatible accessories at

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