Heart and Stone

For jewelry that is unforgettable, meaningful, and symbolic of any wearer’s unique spirit, look to Heart & Stone. Conceived as a company that promotes creative and artistic drive, Heart & Stone offers custom charms to celebrate any wearer. Visit www.heartandstonejewelry.com for a closer look at the entire line of inspired designs!

A Dream Come True

Adults can enjoy some much deserved luxury with the Daydream Blanket from aden + anais. Put together with four layers of breathable cotton muslin normally found in the company’s products for babies, this blanket’s fabric is the perfect, cozy accessory in which to relax after a long day. Available in a number of distinctive styles, the Daydream Blanket may be found at www.adenandanais.com.

Say, “Cheese!”

Rescue your precious moments and photographic fun from the digital confines of your electronic devices with Artifact Uprising. The Web-based company is dedicated to turning digital memories into tangible keepsakes. At www.artifactuprising.com, you’ll discover a line of strikingly beautiful yet minimally designed photo books that come in hardcover and softcover, as well as a wide variety of products to host your physical photos.

Listen to the Music

Look no further than the Dash 7, the latest launch from Soundmatters, for the best possible way to enjoy your music. This sleek, wireless, and portable Bluetooth soundbar speaker system packs an impressive punch with its dynamic range and true high-fidelity sound. The only choice for serious music listeners, Dash 7 may be purchased at www.soundmatters.com.

Here Comes the Sun

Studies show people who wake at dawn feel more refreshed and spend their day in a better mood. The SunRise clock from BioBrite uses the method of the rising sun’s increasing light to naturally wake you up without the jarring sounds of most other alarms. It’s like waking up with the sun every morning! For more information and to pick up this unique alarm clock, go to www.biobrite.com.

Printing Made Easy

PlanOn’s PrintStik is not only the world’s smallest portable printer, but it’s also the perfect gift for the road warrior in your life! The PrintStik allows you to print whatever it is you need from the car, hotel room, airport, and absolutely anywhere you may find yourself. This ultra-convenient product is available now at www.planon.com.

Sing in the Shower

Listen to your music in your shower with the iShower! A great gift for unwinding in the shower, bath, hot tub, or pool, the iShower is an innovative and water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Pick one up now at www.ishowerinc.com!

Give Water a Pop

The SodaStream Fountain Jet home soda maker is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the taste of soda but not the prices of favored brands. Easy to use and store, this product looks great on your kitchen counter while turning water into delicious soda in seconds. With a variety of flavors from which to choose and a convenience that just can’t be beat, SodaStream Fountain Jet home soda maker systems may be snagged at www.sodastreamusa.com.

Fully Charged

Never get stuck with a drained cell phone, tablet, or laptop again. The Rose Stone is a beautiful and lightweight power bank designed to keep your electronic devices charged on the go. Available in an array of colors at www.powerocksusa.com, the power banks provide enough energy for four full charges for your varied devices.

Hole in One

Introducing the world’s first digital golf glove with the SensoGlove! The glove is made with high-quality materials and built-in, digital sensors that work to ensure a consistently accurate, smooth, and powerful golf swing. The SensoGlove is a fantastic gift for golfers of all levels looking to improve their games and is available at www.sensoglove.com.

Cleaning Up for Earth Day

Let’s all take care on Earth Day to give care to those we love, as well as to our communities, cities, states, country and planet.

10 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Summer Camp

Finding out the answers to these questions will help you make an informed camp decision.

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Travel, September 2015

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National Night Out: Keeping Children Safe From Crime

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