There are tons of camp packing lists out there, here is a concise list for you to consult before your little one is off for another summer of fun!

1. Glow bracelets

For campers afraid of the dark. Once it’s “lights out”, some kids may be left a bit afraid. Send them with a pack of glow bracelets. Each is bright enough to give them comfort, without being so bright that it bothers bunkmates.

2. Spare sleeping bag.

Do you have a bed wetter? Camps can set up the perfect arrangement to ensure privacy and confidentiality around this issue. Send your child with two identical sleeping bags. The spare can be kept in the camp office. Each morning when campers head off for breakfast, a staff member can inspect the bed wetter’s sleeping bag. If there has been an accident, they can replace the wet bag with the clean one. This routine means the child is never required to report a bedwetting; it just gets magically taken care of. Simple and respectful.

3. Stationery with pre-stamped envelopes.

Taking along a notebook is great for jotting down contact details for new camp friends and collecting autographs and messages, making it a tangible souvenir that will last longer than any easily deleted electronic one.

4. Spare glasses or contact lenses.

You could also get their eyes checked not too long before they leave so you have a recent prescription in case you need to buy and courier them replacements.

5. A headlamp.

If you have a kid who likes to read in bed, a headlamp beats any old flashlight by providing hands-free light for your little page turner. It’s easier to focus on the words on the page if they’re not trying to hold a flashlight at the same time.

6. Odds and ends.

Don’t forget the bits and pieces that kids miss at camp: nail clippers, safety pins, sticky tape, craft supplies and a deck of cards.

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