In 2013, Kevin Plein and Darin Feldman walked away from successful jobs in the business world in hopes of finding something more fulfilling. 

They knew they were happiest when they teamed up to coach their kids in softball. Sharing their enthusiasm and creating a passion-building experience for other young athletes became their mission.

That’s how A-Game Sports was born.

It took time to find a perfect home for their vision. After renting out various fields for more than two years, the pair found a home in New Rochelle at 856 Main Street. The 25,000 square-foot indoor space has become the perfect spot for young athletes to learn new skills and improve on existing abilities. With a turf field for lacrosse and soccer training as well as a turf baseball diamond and batting cages, the facility caters to all athletes.

Designated areas created for speed and strength workouts conditioning host fitness boot camps and other workout programs. The sport-specific training and practice the facility offers helps form the physical component of being an athlete. Complimented by the speed and strength drills, A-Game Sports addresses the entire athletic experience.

To help ensure young athletes become the best they can be, health, wellness and nutrition programs are also offered. By combining elements of “determination, discipline, preparation, teamwork, sportsmanship and personal accountability” in each workout,

A-Game Sports lives up to its slogan, “We don’t make better athletes, we make better people.” A-Game’s success hasn’t only had an impact on the young athletes who’ve joined their program; it’s changed Darin’s and Kevin’s lives as well. Instead of being among the many who talk about quitting their jobs in pursuit of something more gratifying, they did it. With that big risk came a bigger reward. They found their own happiness in helping children grow into stronger, healthier athletes and more importantly, better rounded individuals.