One of the best things about spring and summer is gathering with friends and family to share food and fun outdoors. At least, that’s the plan. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always make the perfect party guest. In spite of your planning, the day may turn fickle, and suddenly you’re faced with rain, wind or even soaring temperatures. While you can’t control Mother Nature, there are ways to prevent weather from ruining your child’s special day. Here are some tips for weather-proofing children’s birthdays.

Choose a Theme

No matter what the weather, choose a theme for your outdoor party and decorate accordingly. Popular spring and summer themes include a garden party, circus celebration, carnival day, pool party, beach bash, barbecue or birthday with a holiday spin, like a patriotic celebration for early July birthdays.

Decorate Strategically

Gather the decorations, but don’t actually decorate until the day of the party. Because the weather could change overnight, prepare portable decorating items that can be quickly moved indoors. Helium-inflated balloons make fabulous decorations, as they lend color and cheer to any party. Add theme-related embellishments to your home— or wherever the party is held— for the final touch. Such extras include beach balls and sand pails for a beach party, American flags and red, white and blue streamers for a Fourth of July party.

Here’s an easy and cost-efficient decorating tip for a spring or summer garden party: Recycle tin cans and decorate them with floral scrapbook paper. After the paper is set, fill the cans with potting soil and insert herb or flower seeds. This is a convenient way to decorate for the party, plus you can give the potted items as parting gifts to parents at the party or leave the planters outside and watch them grow long after the celebration ends.

Think Ahead

Here are some solutions for weather concerns.

  • Establish an alternate “rain location” on the invitation to alert guests of a possible change of venue.
  • Reserve an indoor location as a backup, in case you need to move your party inside. Ask if you can pay a deposit so you don’t have to lose the entire amount for the reservation.
  • Invite only as many guests as you can comfortably entertain inside your house. You might need to bring the celebration indoors at a moment’s notice.
  • Rent a tent or canopy. It adds fun, elegance and drama to your party, even in good weather. A tent also offers great protection if the temperatures soar.
  • Rent heaters to keep guests warm if the weather is cool.
  • Place fans around the party locale to keep guests cool if it gets too hot outside. Remember that temperatures can be unpredictable in both the spring and summer, especially on the East Coast. Be prepared for both extremes.
  • Stay clear of spring showers or strong summer rays by renting individual umbrellas or parasols for fun and protection.
  • Go back in time and check the calendar to see what your odds are for a good weather day on certain dates. Play the odds!
  • Weigh or tie down decorations in case the day turns windy.

No matter what the weather brings, your guests will have a great time if you’re prepared ahead of time.

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