Celebrating your child’s birthday should be a happy and exciting experience for all. Planning a party can be a lot of work, but it is so rewarding when you see the smile on your child’s face after they’ve had an amazing birthday with their family and friends. You can either plan a theme party at home or take the celebration to a super cool venue that the kids will love. Here are five ideas for a fun kids birthday party that is sure to be a hit with your child.

Disney Themed Party

There are tons of cool activities you can do for a Disney themed birthday party. First, you should find out your child’s favorite Disney movie or you can choose a recent Disney hit like the movie Frozen. Decorations should involve colors that correspond with the movie like white and blue for Frozen with homemade snowflakes and snowmen. You could even be extravagant and hire an ice sculpture! No birthday party is complete without a yummy birthday cake and a treats-filled piñata; there are different recipes and craft ideas online for creating your own from scratch. Have an activity station for the kids to do arts and crafts and play games like pin the carrot on the snowman. Don’t let your guest leave empty-handed; make some goodie bags for the kids to take home and fill them with candy, small toys, stickers, pencils, or any other party favors you can think of. Of course, every party needs some music so get the movie soundtrack and alternate with some dance music to get the party moving!

Skating Party

Most roller rinks host birthday parties for kids and have their own party rooms and party packages. Depending on the weather, you can either have a roller skating party or an ice skating party (but there are indoor ice skating rinks, too). This type of birthday party is a great way to get the kids active and let out their energy in a fun, safe way with the adults watching from the sidelines. A disco roller rink with a DJ adds even more fun to the party, and when the kids are ready for a break, they can enjoy some cake and ice cream while the birthday kid opens presents!

Cupcake Decorating Party

This creative party keeps the guests entertained and they get to take home their own handcrafted goodies when the party is over. Stock up on a ton of baking and decorating supplies like colored icing, sprinkles, cake toppers, food coloring, and more. It’s so much fun taking your child down the baking aisle to pick out their party treats and while you’re there you can also grab some plain t-shirts or aprons for the kids. When the guests first arrive hand out some markers and stickers so they can write their names on their aprons and decorate them with pictures. Next, bring out some cupcake recipe books for design inspiration. Your guests will then spend time baking their own unique cupcakes at this super sweet birthday party.

Travel-the-Globe Party

For this kids’ birthday party, you and your guests will get to travel around the world as you set up different stations throughout your home to each represent a different country. Each "country" should have its flag as a decoration, a sampling of the country’s cuisine, language cards with some basic words in that country’s native language, and an activity based on the country. When the kids arrive, give each of them their own "passport" which they will stamp at each station every time an activity is completed. The party invitations can even be the passport or a boarding pass with the party information on it.

Superhero Themed Party

Everyone loves superheroes, and a superhero party can have the kids’ imaginations running wild. Have every guest come dressed as their favorite superhero or even invent a superhero of their own. Instead of the usual party appetizers, have a create-your-own "hero" station with a DIY sandwich bar. Include different types of cold cuts, cheeses, bread, lettuce, and tomatoes for guests to create their own sandwich. Give out rock candy kryptonite and face masks for party favors, plus some silly string if you don’t mind having to clean up the mess afterwards. A fun activity for the kids could be decorating their own superhero capes with art supplies that they get to take home as a souvenir and have them make up their own super power. If you know someone who has art skills, ask them to help set up a superhero face painting station to paint on masks, tiaras, bat symbols, and more.

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