Eye makeup is fun and fabulous. But one bad batch of mascara or a harsh ingredient can leave you with swollen and red peepers. It’s important to be educated on what’s safe and what’s amiss when it comes to this sensitive area. Next time you consider using your cosmetics or buying new eye makeup, heed the following advice.

  1. Shy away from applying makeup to eyes while in motion. Whether you’re in a car, bus or train, a sudden halt, bump or drop may leave you with a serious optic injury. Even a slight scratch in your eye can lead to a major problem down the road. Find some time in your morning routine to apply makeup at home or in the office rather than on the go.
  2. Don’t share makeup. The exchange of eye products with others can lead to infection. When trying samples at cosmetic or retail stores, stick to single-use applicators or test products on the back of your hand.
  3. Choose wisely. Regarding at-home lash extension kits, pick carefully. The glue in these products may be harmful and irritating to your eyes. Look to see that there’s no formaldehyde or cyano acrylate in the adhesive. If you do plan on giving lash extension kits a try, test the dye on your skin prior to application. For an alternative means of darkening eyebrows, apply dark eye shadow.
  4. Toss dated products. Prevent swelling or inflammation by discarding and replacing eye makeup regularly. Mascara should be changed every three months and eye pencils should be sharpened daily to remove germs. Contact lenses wearers should change products more frequently. Additionally, trash any makeup after having an eye infection, such as conjunctivitis.
  5. Read the labels. You only want to purchase safe-to-use cosmetics; therefore, review the ingredients listed on the back of each product you’re considering. Phthalates, sulfates, Propylene Glycol and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate are just a few of the harmful chemicals that could be lurking in your cosmetics bag. Stick to products with natural ingredients, as in EnvyDerm Eyelash Growth Serum, a gentle, clinically-tested and nonprescription formula that promotes natural eyelash growth.
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