When it comes to shopping, finding the perfect pair of jeans is one of the hardest things to do. There are tons of different styles, washes and cuts, and to make matters worse, it often seems like each brand has its own sizing system.

How do you find the perfect pair of jeans for your unique body— without getting frustrated? Follow these easy steps for a hassle-free shopping experience that hopefully leaves you with dynamite denim.

The first thing to remember is that the perfect pair of jeans is out there. Also, always try on jeans before you purchase them. It’s wise to take three pairs of jeans into the dressing room with you, including your usual size, a size below and a size above, as each brand of jeans has its own sizing system.

Jeans According to Body Type


If you are petite, look for jeans with a short inseam. Skinny jeans that have a linear cut are a good place to start. You want your jeans to hit ¾ inches from the floor without bunching up. Avoid pencil cut jeans, which taper and bunch at the bottom. If you want to look curvier, try the straight wide-leg trouser style, and also look for jeans in lighter washes.


For tall women, it’s all about the inseam. Look for inseams that are 34, 35 or 36-inches long, as well as jeans that are low rise.

Short Waisted

For ladies that are short waisted, choose low-waist jeans that make the torso appear longer. Look for jeans that have long pockets; they add balance to the outfit.

Long Waisted

Those with a long waist should stay away from low-waist jeans and instead go for styles that are regular or high waisted. Also consider jeans that have a straight cut.

Curvy All Over

Curvy women should search out jeans in a straight cut, skinny-fit jeans in a straight-leg style and boot-cut jeans. These styles make legs look long and lean. To minimize curves, opt for darker washes. And steer clear of jeans with lots of fading as they tend to widen your shape.

Big Tummy

A female with an ample tummy should look for high-waisted jeans. These jeans flatter your shape and are probably more comfortable to wear than low-wasted styles. You don’t need to worry much about leg style. Instead, play around with different styles that feature a high waist. For instance, if you like skinny jeans, check out the cigarette cut.

Bottom Heavy

For those with ample thighs should opt for boot-cut jeans. Shop for dark washes that are flattering all over or offer contrast shading. A lighter strip down the center of each leg makes thighs appear more narrow.

Round Bum

Women that have a prominent backside should look for straight leg styles and darker washes, which create a lean clean shape. Also look for jeans with a narrow waist, resulting in a flatter shape.

Flat Bum

When it comes to fitting a flat bum, style isn’t nearly as important as color. However, to start, select tapered and skinny jeans. Look for jeans that have shading and pocket details; they make you look more full. Also, wearing even a small heel adds some curves.

When picking out jeans, it’s essential to be comfortable with both style and fit. Heed the advice given— even if it means combining elements from different body types— and get shopping. Your perfect pair is out there!