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Snowman Cookies

Craft delightful snowman cookies with this recipe.

6 Tips to Keep Children Active This Winter

Winter is almost here, a time when snow is on the ground and a chill is in the air. But the cold weather doesn't mean it's time for the little ones to hibernate.

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Creative Winter Indoor Fun Ideas
Creative Winter Indoor Fun Ideas

Whether we like it or not, winter isn’t going anywhere for awhile and getting your kids outside to enjoy the snow and fresh air is an important thing. But the outdoor fun only lasts so long and before you know it, they’re back inside looking for something to do. Here are a few ways to keep the kiddos entertained! Create an Indoor Treasure Hunt. With a little bit of prep work, this activity will keep your kids occupied for a good deal of time while also having them up and moving around the house. Just create a scavenger hunt style treasure map, hide some special prizes, tokens or treats around the house and set them off on a good old fashioned mystery. Strike Up a Game of Balloon Ping Pong (No Ping Pong Table Necessary!). Grab a ping pong paddle or even a wooden spoon, blow up a few balloons and find anything that will work as a virtual ping pong table—you don’t even need a real table, a line in the floor will work just fine. Serve the balloon back and forth without letting it touch the floor. You won’t believe the fun and exercise you’ll get trying to Read more