Give Your Feet a Break

Your feet do wonders in getting you around town. Ensure you give them ample rest, too.

  • Limit wearing shoes to four to five hours daily.
  • Try wearing “commuter shoes,” such as flats or sneakers, on the way to and from work.

Stretch Those Tootsies

Painful foot cramps after a long day or night in heels signal feet need a good stretching. Here’s how to stretch the tiny muscles in your feet.

  • Using your toes, practice picking up small objects like a pen or a wash cloth.
  • Hold an object with your toes for ten seconds and then let go. Try and do this exercise for a few minutes daily to avoid those nasty, painful foot cramps.

The Earlier the Appointment the Better

  • Book professional appointments at spas and salons early in the day to increase the likelihood that tools being used are clean and sanitized.
  • Replace your at-home pumice once a month. It harbors many germs.
  • Keep your pumice out of the shower or bath to avoid a build-up of germs.
  • If you have the money, buy your own tools for the spa. Just be sure to clean them regularly. Consider purchasing tools made of surgical steel.
Dry Feet Survival Guide

Tips for healthy looking tootsies.

Pediatric Foot Deformities And When To See A Specialist

Pediatric foot and ankle disorders can be a challenging puzzle to solve. But a proper evaluation of children’s feet and ankles can help prevent future debilitating problems.