Your flight to Europe is less than 48 hours away, and you have yet to pack. But what to bring? You can’t over-pack, but you must look stylish and presentable.

The secret to packing light in terms of beauty products is consolidation. Nearly everything necessary for the pampered chick can be found in compact sets that are small enough for carry-on luggage, including liquids. Although you may be sad that the compact sets have less lip gloss or eye shadow than the isolated product, remember that you are traveling for a relatively short period of time. Although I provide product names to purchase, you can easily create similar products at home by purchasing carry-on size empty bottles from the drugstore and small (preferably clear) pouches and bags.

1. Toiletry Kit
Maintaining good hygiene is essential to have a chic and successful trip. Bliss Tired + Blue travel kit is an excellent product to purchase or emulate when packing: It comes complete with body soap, body wash, facial soap, body lotion, and 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner— all in a small carry-on size bag!

Another good product to bring in addition to the toiletry kit would be SPF facial moisturizer. After long flights and possibly arid weather our faces can get dried out. Make sure the moisturizer contains a substantial SPF to protect you from harmful solar rays while sightseeing. If you are wearing a lot of makeup during your travels, consider purchasing a facial cleanser that removes makeup, such as Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. You can make it carry-on friendly by pouring the cleanser into a small unused bottle and placing it in your toiletry bag.

2. Small Perfume Bottle
A small perfume bottle seems like an extra item to pack when you use deodorant every day; but if you are traveling to different places, chances are that you will be trying foreign foods with spices. You want to have some perfume handy if there is a lot of garlic or cumin in your dinner.

3. Dental Care Travel Bag
A common travel blunder is forgetting toothbrushes and toothpaste. Avoid this problem buy purchasing a travel kit. GoSmile provides a travel kit complete with a small bottle of mouthwash, a mini-toothbrush, toothpaste and even a mirror! What it does lack, however, is floss so be sure to add it to your list. The bag provided has enough space to pack that in.

You can also make this travel kit at home. At drugstores you can buy empty bottles that are carry-on size and you can fill it with your favorite mouthwash. Buy a small toothpaste and toothbrush, toss in the floss and you’re good to go!

4. Feminine Hygiene Products
You may know the date and even the exact time of when your menstrual cycle begins every month, but you never know what may happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Hair Kit
Remember to bring your hairbrush and hair ties. These things can turn a weary traveler into a presentable tourist. Purchase a travel-size brush with a built-in mirror to tame tresses with ease.

6. Eye drops
The air quality in foreign countries may be different than that of your hometown. Smog or extra dust in the air may dry out your eyes. Visine would be helpful so you can see your surroundings even clearer.

7. Makeup Palette
One of the most innovative ideas for women is the makeup palette. Complete with eyeshadow, blushes, lip glosses and mirror, they can be a huge space saver for any suitcase or carry-on. Sephora sells great palettes; some of them even include a small tube of mascara. Not all make-up palettes provide eyeliner, therefore buy your own if you need to.

8. Water
Always carry a bottle of water because a lot of sightseeing can dehydrate you. Plus, maintaining a high level of hydration adds that extra glow to any traveler’s face.

9. Cotton Swabs
Q-Tips, or any brand of cotton swabs, might seem negligible, but are a lifesaver in correcting makeup errors. Moreover, you need them to clean your ears, too!

10. Tweezers
You never know when you might need to tackle a stray hair or splinter. Always be prepared!

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