Short folks often shy away from the latest fashions. At barely 5’2”, I find myself relating all too well. But don’t be intimidated by your height. Rather, embrace what you have and create a favorable look. With the following five pointers, you’ll be looking taller in no time. Remember, it’s all about visualization.

  1. Making your legs look slimmer is key to creating the perception of length. Darker colors, like navy and black, are perfect for this because they absorb light, rather than reflect light and pop as lighter colors do. Go for straight-legged pants and longer inseams instead of capris or shorts, which tend to cut your height. Another trick is wearing the same colored top as bottom. This helps create the illusion of height via a smooth line in your silhouette.
  2. The higher the waist the better. Low-waist jeans can be a bit tricky to pull off because they accent your upper body, thus making your waist look slimmer and longer but detracting some height from your legs. But high-waisted pencil skirts are another hot look— and one that you can rock at the office or at a cocktail party. Create a fashion ensemble by pairing a pencil skirt with a cute tucked-in blouse.
  3. Don a short and slim-fitting blazer jacket. While it’s preferable to wear a monochromatic blazer, vertical lines also do wonders. They maximize your height and create a slim illusion.
  4. Leggings or tights are your saviors. For once, a trend that looks better on shorter people! Leggings and tights are cute and easy to mix-and-match. They are tight fitting and boast a magical slimming effect. If you are not comfortable with how snug tights are, pair them with a loose shirt.
  5. Accessories are essential in completing an outfit. Complement dark skinny jeans with a thin bright-colored belt, or wear chandelier earrings and a simple necklace with your V-neckline. This draws attention to your face and away from you lower body.

Most importantly, feel great about who you are and you’ll look awesome in whatever you wear. Of course, a really great pair of heels always helps.

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