Cucumber, peeled and julienned
Handful of carrots, peeled and julienned
Avocado, sliced
Nori (dry roasted seaweed)
½ c. sushi rice


Shiny side down, place a piece of nori on a sushi rolling mat. Keep a small bowl of water in your work area. Wet your hands every now and then so the rice does not stick to your hands. Cover the nori with rice, but leave ½ inch of nori without rice at the bottom. Place the vegetable fillings on top of the ½ inch of uncovered nori. Tightly roll your sushi using the rolling mat. Make sure to roll away from you, and do not roll your mat into your sushi. Once your sushi is rolled, use the mat to squeeze the roll. This will keep it from unrolling and falling apart.


1 roll with six pieces


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