We had never seen anything like it. While my brother-in-law and I were looking for something to do with his 5-year-old daughter and my 5-year-old son on a Saturday afternoon, we realized Gustafer Yellowgold was playing at the Cinema Arts Centre as part of the Cinema For Kids Series. We’d never heard of the show, but decided to check it out.

We got our organic popcorn and all-natural chocolate-covered peanuts at the concession counter before choosing our seats in the packed house. The stage was set with a single microphone before a big screen. A young man with a guitar came out and told us the amazing story of Gustafer Yellowgold, a creature from the sun who had settled in a small town in Minnesota. The narrator told the story in song while colorful on-screen animations dazzled everyone in the audience. The kids, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in attendance shared a remarkable communal experience that day. My son still talks about Gustafer and his pet eel, Slimothy.

If you’re looking for fun and affordable activities for your family this fall, be sure to check out the Cinema Arts Centre. The theater has a vast range of programs, shows for every generation and activities for us all to enjoy together.

The Cinema Arts Centre has served Long Island residents for more than 37 years. It’s a true community center where people connect with each other and delight in positive experiences. The Cinema Arts Centre is much more than a movie house; it is a community organization with strong social values. It provides programs and services that enhance the quality of life and promote civic engagement. It also serves as a venue for fellowship and the exchange of ideas. Cinema Arts Centre additionally partners with local schools through its Film Arts in Education program, enhancing curricula for junior and senior high school students on Long Island.

The Cinema Arts Centre is home to programs and screenings that cannot be found at a multiplex. It largely features independent filmmakers. Monthly series include Anything But Silent, which shows silent-era classics with live music accompaniment; Rock Legends Live, offering rare and never-before-seen footage of artists such as The Beatles, Elvis and Bob Dylan from legendary film collector Bill Shelley; and Let’s Eat, providing films that explore the world of food and the food industry. A recent screening of What’s On Your Plate showcased the adventures of two 11-year-old girls who set out to discover the origins of their school lunches. The screening was followed by a kid-friendly cooking workshop. Yet, these examples represent just a small sampling of the great programs your family can find at the Cinema Arts Centre.

More than merely great programs make the Cinema Arts Centre a wonderful family destination. Unlike some mainstream movie theatres, where food and beverage choices are loaded with sugar, fats and preservatives, the Cinema Arts Centre makes it easy for attendees to maintain healthy food choices. Whether you’re looking for traditional movie-going fare or you want to bring your family for entrees and desserts, the Sky Room Café has a delicious variety of all-natural organic foods. Adjacent to the Sky Room Café is a lush patio garden dining area. And the Cinema Arts Centre is the only movie theater on Long Island that has organic popcorn.

For your next night out, consider taking the clan to the Cinema Arts Centre. The whole family will thank you.

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