The Linda and Rudy Slucker NCJW Center for Women in Livingston has been providing families with innovative programs for nearly three decades.

The organization has always been proud of its commitment to cater to the changing needs of the people it serves, regardless of race, religion or economic status. On any given day, you’ll see the Center for Women buzzing with activity— women learning how to use computers, children playing and expressing their feelings, job seekers strategizing to find work and people discovering how to cope with the loss of a loved one or a divorce.

As needs grow and change, the Center for Women strives to respond by developing new and expanded avenues of support. Especially in these challenging economic times, many women rely on the center for obtaining employment and seeking financial security.

Career Quest

Career Quest is designed for any woman who is returning to the workforce, entering the job market for the first time, contemplating a career change or improving her skills. Participants meet with a career professional and receive guidance in areas such as career planning, resume writing and job search strategies.

Career Quest complements the center’s Job Readiness Program that serves the displaced homemaker— a woman who is widowed, divorced, separated or living with a disabled spouse. A client might also develop her computer skills by taking one of the many computer classes offered at the center. And if she qualifies, the Career Closet will help a woman to dress in appropriate interview clothing.

Peer Support Groups

Several support groups are offered at the Center for Women. These groups provide a safe place for participants to discuss feelings with others enduring a similar life circumstance. Women’s Workshops offer enriching one-day seminars on vital and compelling issues of personal interest. Examples of topics include coping with divorce and separation in a positive way, communicating effectively with an ex-spouse, learning to live with loss and following stress-reducing techniques that can pave a peaceful life.

In conjunction with Daughters of Israel, the organization offers a Caregivers Support Group at its West Orange facility. This program is open to both women and men in the community. Led by trained facilitators, participants discuss their feelings of frustration, confusion and distress in a comfortable atmosphere.


Rainbows provides peer support groups for children grieving from a life-altering crisis such as a death, separation, divorce or another painful transition. Rainbows offers a healthy path toward healing. While not intending to be counseling or therapy, the program grants children the opportunity to heal by interacting with peers facing similar experiences. Children ages 5-12 engage in age-appropriate art projects and group activities while being encouraged to express and understand their feelings. They learn to accept what has happened and enjoy a sense of belonging through peer support and adult guidance.

Teen Dating Abuse Project

The nationally recognized Teen Dating Abuse Project brings information to more than 3,000 teens in Essex County high schools and other groups, such as parent associations, youth groups, afterschool programs and church and synagogue groups each year. This year, the Teen Dating Abuse project expanded beyond the classroom and reached out into the community via billboards and other avenues with the message that love shouldn’t hurt.

Legal and Financial Awareness

Legal and financial programs at the center offer short private consultations with a professional financial advisor to help women create a budget, manage debt and learn the basics of investments. Patrons may also set up an appointment to consult with a volunteer attorney for assistance regarding a variety of issues, such as marriage, divorce, custody and abuse.

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