While children and adults gaze at the same sun this summer, children’s eyes receive three times the exposure because unlike the mature lens of the eye of an adult, a child’s ocular lens cannot effectively filter out UV rays. This means more radiation reaches the retina.

The Vision Council is a global organization that represents manufacturers and suppliers in the optical industry. They recently released their 2015 UV Protection Report, which outlines the dangers of sun on eyes, both young and old. Threats include the acceleration of cataracts and AMD. The report also examines the solutions available through UV-protective eyewear.

Did you know that by the time your little one turns 18, he or she has already experienced nearly 25 percent of their lifetime UV exposure? This means that you, at this moment have the most control of their protection against harmful UV rays. Learn how to help your child and protect their eyes and vision by visiting thevisioncouncil.org.