Some specialists in oral health for children have expertise in the treatment of short or tight frenums of the tongue or lip, also referred to as the frenulum. Infants who have difficulty latching on to nurse often have a short frenum which is the oral tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth. New mothers can become frustrated as their babies have a hard time sucking their breast milk. Babies will then “give up” and mothers may resort to bottle feeding earlier than they would like to. If uncorrected the tight frenum may cause speech problems or even gum problems as the frenum pulls on the gums of the lower front teeth.

Some oral health specialists provide a relatively simple treatment using a laser. Bleeding and pain are minimal and the procedure takes just a few minutes. Post-operatively, most babies are able to nurse right in the office. This procedure, known as a frenectomy, can be performed when babies are just days old. It is also possible to perform frenectomies on older children who have speech difficulties. It is also useful in orthodontic cases where the frenum of the upper lip is thick or short and prevents closure of the space between the upper front teeth.

This procedure is also done by oral surgeons or ENT physicians. However, our experience with children and our family friendly environment make us a great choice. If your child is in need of this treatment please call our office. Our doctors or staff are always happy to speak to you on the phone or schedule a consultation.

Our fees are reasonable and are often covered by insurance.