Start the year with a super fun craft that will make your child’s reading routine even more exciting. This is a great D.I.Y. project to try with your family. Adult supervision is required.


  • Wood Popsicle stick (large)
  • Superglue
  • 1-inch cardboard circle
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Brown felt
  • Acrylic paint: light yellow, orange, dark brown
  • 1 fine paintbrush
  • 1 medium paintbrush


1. Use the medium paintbrush to coat the wood Popsicle stick with light yellow acrylic paint. Allow it to dry.

To create the foundation for the lion’s face, again use the medium paintbrush to cover the 1-inch cardboard circle with the light yellow paint.

Mix together a small batch of the yellow and orange paints. Mix a separate batch together, this time with more orange added so it is darker than the first spot. These colors will form the "blush" tint for the lion’s cheeks.

On the now-yellow lion’s face, use the fine paintbrush to draw two circular cheeks with the lighter blush tint. Let them dry, and then apply the darker blush tint in the middle of the circles.

Add the wiggle eyes to the face with tiny dots of superglue. Press down firmly on the eyes with your finger for five seconds.

Use the dark brown paint to add a nose and mouth to the lion’s face. Feel free to get creative by adding a tongue or even a large smile!

Apply a dab of superglue to the circle’s border, then carefully attach the felt hair in small sections.

Apply superglue to the yellow wood stick from step 1, adhere the lion’s face to it, and hold it in place for five seconds. Voila! Enjoy your literary lion bookmarks.