Today, I am concerned about my other baby: PARENTGUIDE News. The magazine I have owned and published for 30 years has grown up to support and become a major resource for more than two generations of parents throughout the tri-state area, and it’s about to change significantly.

And, I’m fearful.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. Fear is usually associated with change or growth, always with the unknown and inevitable.

Sixty-plus years ago, doom and gloom hung over the radio industry. Fear was pervasive as a new medium, television, was taking over. The radio industry as it was known was dead.

Twenty-five years ago, doom and gloom hung over the television industry. Fear was pervasive as a new medium, cable, was taking over. Broadcast television as we knew it was dead.

Today, that cloud of doom and gloom hangs over the publishing industry. Fear is pervasive as a new medium, the Internet, is taking over. Print publications as we know them are dead.

Miraculously, we still listen to radio. In fact, more stations than ever. We still watch television. Again, more stations than ever.

And, lo and behold, you’re still holding this magazine in your hands. This leads me to my point. PARENTGUIDE News is evolving in the near future. Yes, this evolution brings with it the unknown and some temerity. However, this change also brings a semblance of control, so our staffers are not too fearful.

PARENTGUIDE News is modifying its emphasis to capitalize on the synergy with our website, Likewise, we’ll be directing our print readers to more than ever before for in-depth coverage of topics.

The parenting world has changed. There’s become a need for a local parenting resource that’s available 24/7. Parents demand complete coverage of age-appropriate topics, including the ability to search the PARENTGUIDE News library, which contains more than 1,000 family-related articles.

Mothers, fathers and caretakers are smarter, more proactive and more involved than ever. The parenting world is responding, encouraging more interaction in designing the future.

To meet the future, we invite you to get involved in our newly established Parents Panel comprised of diverse parents from the region. But despite their myriad backgrounds, vocations and specialties, panelists share one energy in common— to provide the best for their family. Please join us on

Overcoming fear is liberating. Besides, life would be pretty boring if we didn’t have growth and change.

Change is exciting.

Have fun!