Give Your Feet a Break

Your feet do wonders in getting you around town. Ensure you give them ample rest, too.

  • Limit wearing shoes to four to five hours daily.
  • Try wearing “commuter shoes,” such as flats or sneakers, on the way to and from work.

Stretch Those Tootsies

Painful foot cramps after a long day or night in heels signal feet need a good stretching. Here’s how to stretch the tiny muscles in your feet.

  • Using your toes, practice picking up small objects like a pen or a wash cloth.
  • Hold an object with your toes for ten seconds and then let go. Try and do this exercise for a few minutes daily to avoid those nasty, painful foot cramps.

The Earlier the Appointment the Better

  • Book professional appointments at spas and salons early in the day to increase the likelihood that tools being used are clean and sanitized.
  • Replace your at-home pumice once a month. It harbors many germs.
  • Keep your pumice out of the shower or bath to avoid a build-up of germs.
  • If you have the money, buy your own tools for the spa. Just be sure to clean them regularly. Consider purchasing tools made of surgical steel.