1. Desk should be adjusted to a height at which children can comfortably rest their arms without leaning forward or stretching.

2. Desktop should be at a suitable angle for the task at hand. For reading and writing, it should be at least 16 degrees.

3. Feet should be flat on the floor.

4. Thighs should be horizontal and not touching the front edge of the seat.

5. Back and hips should be flush against the backrest of the seat.

6. Backrest should be adaptable and provide lumbar support.

7. Computer screen should be positioned 18-24 inches away, at just below eye level.

8. Keyboard and mouse should be at a comfortable height and distance with no need to lean forward or stretch.

9. The room and desktop should be well lit and properly positioned to provide optimal illumination for the task at hand.

10. Breaks are important. Step away every now and then to let the blood flow.