Having an extensive background in the food and restaurant industry, and most recently owning and operating a Nathan’s within a children’s entertainment venue, led me to my latest business opportunity. @ Play Amusements, at first a vision, became my new reality and inspiration. Since I was pretty successful with other opportunities and inspirations, I decided to take a chance at evolving the children’s entertainment business. Seeing the need to merge fun activities like laser tag, arcade games and rides with educational activities and healthy food choices became my focus. Most places offer pizza and juice, but I knew I could offer healthier choices without making it so noticeable to kids. I also noticed that family entertainment venues were just that, entertainment and not educational. Since I also have a background in extra curricular educational activities that cater to low income families, and have helped foster many imaginations, I thought these activities would be just as much fun at @ Play Amusements, as well. I knew there was a way to incorporate fun for kids, education for kids and healthy choices for kids under one roof. @ Play Amusements was my answer. There is such a need to educate kids at a young age on how to make good choices and still have a good time. That is the philosophy and message I try to convey. It is all about empowering and educating the kids in a fun way while providing them with opportunities. My hope is that the kids and families that come to @ Play Amusements will leave feeling they are glad they took the time to experience @ Play Amusements.