Have you ever had the desire to create your own scent— one that is truly unique to you? Now you can, thanks to Scent Design. Scent Design is the first online fragrance bar, where each consumer can develop a unique, one-of-a-kind fragrance oil.

Launched in the summer of 2006, the company offers 50-plus premium grade, recognizable and familiar fragrances for blending. Scent Design gives people the chance to make millions of combinations! Fragrances include apple, almond, dewberry, daisy, lavender, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and more.

Two product sizes are available: a 1/3 oz. roller ball bottle that retails for $10 and a 1 oz. bottle that sells for $20. With three-to-five day shipping on most orders anywhere in the United States and a return policy that gives each customer a second try for free, Scent Design is an exciting new way of expressing your individuality.

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