With the popularity of iPhones, iPads and Androids, a whole new world of entertainment has opened up for tech-savvy children. The kid-friendly apps listed below guaranteed to delight your child.

  1. Balloonimals Lite (compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch): Kids blow into the iPhone’s microphone to inflate a balloon, shake the screen to assemble it into an adorable T-rex and tap the screen to pet it and make it do tricks.
  2. Topple (compatible with iPhone): Stack colored blocks as high as you can before time runs out. The pieces have facial expressions that warn kids if they’re close to toppling.
  3. Cut the Rope Lite (compatible with iPhone and iPad): Kids solve puzzles and strategically cut a rope in order to feed candy to a little green monster named Om Nom.
  4. Talking Tom Cat Free (compatible with Android): A friendly, playful alley cat responds when petted, and repeats whatever your child says in silly voices.
  5. Animal Sounds With Pictures (compatible with Android): Kids can learn all about the animal kingdom with a list of 70 different animals. Each virtual card offers a picture of a creature accompanied by the sound it makes.
  6. Build a Word Lite (compatible with iPhone and iPad): Shake up this word builder and watch letters float across the screen. Push the letters together to form the word of an animal and watch it morph into a graphic of the critter.
  7. Angry Birds Free (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android): Kids fling various types of birds to destroy architectural structures built by egg-stealing green piggies. What’s not to like?
  8. iSays (compatible with iPhone): This app is an electronic version of the classic memory-challenging, pattern-recognition game Simon. It plays a sequence and players repeat it as fast as he or she can.
  9. Feed Me (compatible with iPhone): Kids answer questions about different topics, such as shapes and letters. Correct answers provide food to a hungry, friendly monster.
  10. Poke A Penguin (compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad): Tap the screen to poke as many penguins as possible within a limited time frame. Don’t worry, no penguins were hurt in the making of this application.

There are tons more apps to satisfy the kids and the kid within you. These are just a few to get started with. So sit back and enjoy gaming.